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Affordable Violin Music - $300

I provide affordable violin music at your wedding.    I don't charge as much as the photographer or caterer.  Most weddings are $300.  I don't do complicated written contracts listing off all the reasons I won't play.   I like to play weddings.    I will play if its really hot or really cold.   I am prepared to play in the rain on my black carbon fiber violin.   You can depend on me. 


I would love to play at your wedding.

I have been playing in the Savannah Georgia market since 2006.   Since then I have worked with the best of the best in the Savannah wedding industry.    I typically play 50 to 60 weddings per year.    I would love to play at your wedding.

I play a 200 year old German violin.   I have played this violin since the 5th grade when my parents found it at a going-out-of-business sale.   It is my pride and joy.    It has a big sound and will fill up the space required for your wedding.   

I play a black carbon fiber violin if the weather isn't cooperating.    I do not get rained out!   That is for other violinists.   This violin has a great sound and cannot be harmed by rain or cold.    I have played it below freezing temps.   It sounded good.    I'm the only violinist in Savannah that will make this promise.   I will play your wedding no matter what the environment provides.    I invite the challenge!

I play a Roland Stage piano for cocktail hours.   I provide all the equipment needed.   The only thing I will need is electricity.    I can set this piano up anywhere and it provides a great sound for an outdoor event.   A mixture of Classical, Jazz and Broadway will ensure classy entertainment for your guests.   

Fill out the contact form and let's plan the music together.    I play the Bride's choice of processional and recessional songs at weddings.    Let me provide the music for your dream wedding.  



Let me provide the music for your dream wedding.   


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